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Brain or Supraoesophageal ganglia is a small bilobed mass, situated in the prosoma, just beneath the median eyes.

Sub-oesophageal ganglia is formed by the fusion of ten pairs of ganglia belong­ing to embryonic 2 to 11 segments and lo­cated ventromedially below the oesophagus.

Ventral nerve cord

A double ventral nerve cord formed by the union of two solid nerve cords runs posteriorly from the sub-oesophageal ganglia up to the fourth seg­ment of the metasoma. The nerve cord bears three pre-abdominal ganglia in the mesosoma and four post-abdominal ganglia in the metasoma, the last one formed by the fusion of two ganglia of the 18 and 19 segments and located in the fourth metasomal segment.

Receptors and Sense Organs of Scorpion:


Both the median and lateral eyes are simple eyes and provided with a lens. Median eye and Lateral eye



Comb-like in appearance and consists of a shaft and movable processes.The shaft is three segmented. (Food procurement and breeding)


About 66-68 are present in each chela.A flask-shaped, cuticularised structure, the bothrium.The trichobothrium is a seta, inserted into the bothrium through the middle of a cuticular outer membrane.The seta bends and narrows down within a fluid-filled cylinder supplied by nerve fibres.