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Male reproductive system

The male reproductive system consists of a pair of testes, a pair of vasa deferentia, a pair of genital chambers, a pair of paraxial organs, a pair of flagella, a pair of seminal vesicles, a common genital atrium and a gonopore.Each testis consists of a pair of longitu­dinal tubules placed in the pre-abdomen, and connected by transverse tubes.The two longitudinal tubules of each testis unite anteriorly to form a vas defer­ens, which runs forward and downwards.The terminal portion of each vas defer­ens opens into the inner side of the genital chamber along with an enlarged seminal vesicle. The genital chambers are muscular tubes and bear the paraxial organ having a chitinoid flagellum. It also receives the ac­cessory gland. The genital chambers unite to form a median genital atrium, which opens to the exterior by the gonopore situated just behind the operculum.

Female reproductive system

The female reproductive system con­sist of a single ovary, two oviducts, a me­dian genital chamber and a gonopore. Ovary is situated in the preabdomen. It consists of three longitudinal tubules con­nected by cross branches. The median tubule is shorter than the other two.The ovarian tubules and the cross branches bear numerous diverticula. 3. From the two lateral tubules run two narrow oviducts. Anteriorly each oviduct is slightly swollen and form the seminal recep­tacle and the two open in the sac-like me­dian genital chamber, the latter opening in the gonopore on the second abdominal seg­ment below the bilobed operculum.