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digestive system

The digestive system consists of a long, alimentary canal, starting from the preoral cavity and ending in anus in the last metasomal somite. Salivary or stomach glands and gastric glands or liver constitute digestive glands.Intestine is a long, narrow, straight tube runs posteriorly along the middle line of the body and divisible into an anterior mesosomal or pre-abdominal and a poste­rior metasomal or post-abdominal intestine

The junction of the two is demarcated by the presence of Malpighian tubules. The mesosomal part is embedded in the liver and receives five to six pairs of narrow hepatic ducts, one after another. The metasomal intestine ends posteriorly in the hindgut. Stomach glands, gastric glands or liver constitute digestive glands. Unicellular glands in the lining epithelium of the mid­gut secrete digestive juice

Scorpion is nocturnal and comes out in search of food only at night. It is a predator and depends chiefly on insects, spiders, myriapods, etc. for nourishment